We offer a variety of different playment plans as low as $25 per week and down payments as low at 0%. See below to see if you qualify for a 0% down payment.
Most people with a signer automatically qualify for 2% down payments for bails with $25 a week payments.
While most people qualify for 2% down bails, people who can only put 0% down must go through an approval process. While we look at each individual 0% bail on a case-by-case basis, generally, in order to qualify there must be at least two signers who have had jobs for at least one year and they must provide pay stubs to prove income. The signers also must not have judgements against them or have declared bankruptcy.
You can negotiate different payment plans but on o% down bails you can pay as low as $50 per week while on 2% down bails you can pay as low as $25 per week. Bi-Weekly and Monthly payment plans are also available.